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Choro Creole/Gumbo Carioca

 Needless to say that Thomas will be going to Rio de Janeiro again. He will be there from the end of March  until the beginning of June.  The ties with Brazil and its music has become even stronger. Together with Uli Thomas  created a new project in cooperation with their Brazilian musician friends, and particularly the great cavaquinho  and mandolin player Dom Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro: “Gumbo Carioca”, a crossover between traditional New Orleans music and Brazilian samba and choro.
Dom Oliveira had documented the first steps of this exciting project:







This project and the idea of mixing choro with traditional jazz was a major feature on the Ascona Jazz Festival 2013 and 2014 and a great success. both with the audience and with other musicians. It will remain in the centre of Thomas’s activities, while he is in Rio this year.
In April 2014 they recorded a cd in Rio with the "Gumbo Carioca" featuring Denise Gordon and with it a video
The Cd was released during the Ascona Jazz festival in July 2015.

One important issue for both is that crossovers have to be based on a fundamental understanding of what one wants to “cross over”. It cannot and must not be a musical version of a “Brazilian week” at Macdonald’s. This makes it necessary to deepen the understanding of Brazilian music and culture, study and humbly sit and listen.
It is also a wonderful experience for both Uli and Thomas to introduce some young Brazilian musician to New Orleans jazz and to find out how much they like the music Uli and him had dedicated most of their musical life to.
Whatever Thomas will do and try  accomplish in Rio in 2016. Three months already seem too short.


November 2015 Thomas will be leading the

Stop the press...important!!

From November 11th-15th 2015 Thomas is organizing the
1st Maastricht New Orleans Workshop.

The principal aim of the workshop is to give the participants ideas how to develop their improvisational skills and how to improve their playing in an ensemble. This will be done both in the group and also in individual one-to-one coaching lessons. Thomas will address rhythm, harmony and sound and will try to give some advice how to play together in a group, how to lead and present a melody and how to accompany it.
Apart from this Thomas will give the participants an introduction into the history of jazz (and particularly New Orleans jazz) and will


show how to apply our knowledge of musical history and styles to our own playing. As a little bonus Thomas will even share his “Brazilian experience” talking about choro/samba and bossa nova.

At the end of the workshop the participants will perform some tunes with in without Thomas in a concert in the charming Maastricht club “Vibes”.
If you are interested contact Thomas directly through his email :
or René Cardynaals :